Technology is in our DNA, in the way we envisage communication and the basis of all our projects. Based on it, we plan and execute all services, automate processes, optimize time and offer the most efficient solutions for each client. We use our own tools, developed to optimize and automate campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, price comparison websites and organic search.

Robust system used for project management and bidding for Google AdWords. It enables to determine rules that optimize automatic CPC management based on ROI, CPA, and other metrics.

We automate processes and gain scale to improve Revenue and ROI results, based on the receipt of a single XML made available by the virtual store. It is still possible to correct with this system information without interfering with the ERP. As a result, we can manage the product feed with maximum efficiency!

We use SmartAds to automate the creation of smart ads and keywords of sponsored link campaigns on Google Adwords. It also assists in maintaining and updating stock position and price changes, optimizing the strategy and performance of your bulk ads.

With this tool, the media team generate reports in an automated way, customized to the client’s needs. This way, it is possible to not only have a broad view of the account but also a specific one at keyword level, guaranteeing a simple evaluation of the results.

We apply Optmyzr as an evaluation and historical tool that gives us a more detailed view of the account. In addition, we carry out a large number of campaign adjustments, optimizing time spent on analysis and strategies.

Through the exchange of information from different tools (such as AdWords, Analytics, Drive), we create dashboards with an interactive visualization and real-time updates, enabling the delivery of complete analyzes to our clients.

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